Peel Off Vegan Masks

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Natural origin, based on algae with hypoallergenic properties. Removes blackheads and chemicals out of your skin, absorbs toxins and impurities and eliminates bacteria.

Made with all natural detoxifying and purifying ingredients.

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- BEAUTIFUL: With pink clay. For deep care. Softens the skin and restores vitality. Bes Anti-aging action.

- SPECIAL: With lemon peel and Curcuma. For a rejuvenation of the skin. It eliminates impurities, lightens blemishes, stimulates blood circulation and promotes cell renewal. Best natural exfoliation action. 

- FREE: With activated charcoal. For a deep cleanse. It reduces pores and blemishes and leaves skin fresh and luminous. Best cleaning action.

- HAPPY: With Green Clay. For a boost of energy. Revitalizing and energizing. Helps to control the oiliness of the skin. Best purifying action.

- IN LOVE: With Kaolin clay for an intense hydration. Cleans, tones and protects the skin. Best soothing and toning action.


All our masks are handmade, vegan, cruelty-free and made with the best natural ingredients. 

If you think your skin is in need for a mask made just for you with specific ingredients? Just talk to us:

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