Hi, my name is Lara Franco and I’m your Soap Madre ?I’m a Portuguese girl with a mind that never sleeps.

My interest in beauty came from necessity, I grew up in a men’s house (with my brother and my father), so I had to learn how to be a girl all by myself. After a few disasters, mistakes and fails, I became really passionate about the subject. So passionate I became a beauty editor in a renowned national fashion magazine. That gave me access to a world of products (products that I couldn’t even dare to think about buying) and experience taught me to favor the natural ones. My obsession with natural products began… and I still study a lot every day! I started making my own beauty products (I the really like the idea of being a good witch making my potions, like the ones I read in books while growing up) and I saw miracles happening to my skin.

I made some for my friends too and they all became addicted… that’s how and why #soapporn was created.

These days I always have so many beauty related questions from you guys in my mail box that I decided to create this blog. This way I can share all my secrets with you. I post in English and in Portuguese, and I read all of your comments and questions so don’t be shy and talk to me. I’ll be happy to make a post just to answer your question/s ?

Take care and choose wisely what you put on your skin, it will really make all the difference.

Wish you all the best!